Week 3

The shooter team testing a prototype shooter. via @haydenrobotics on Twitter


During the last week the intake team has put in a lot of work testing out different shooter designs with different speeds.The shooter subteam is testing with compression between the ball and the hood and also testing different types of wheels.

We are working toward having very good consistency with our shooter from different distances and angles. We are also hoping to add another motor to our shooter for more power in our shots. Furthermore, we are hoping our shooter has the ability to shoot for both the inner and outer port while displaying efficiency. 


The Intake subteam has taken steps to create a working and more rigid prototype design to be mounted to last year’s bot. We have been doing measurements in an attempt to figure out the most ideal orientation of our design. As of right now, we are looking at what motor to use for our intake so that we will have the right amount of speed and torque for the intake. 

One definite goal of ours moving forward would be to have the working prototype mounted correctly on last year’s bot so that we may be able to see how the intake performs while in motion.

Drive Base

The drive base team has finalized plans and started construction. We assembled our falcon 500 gearboxes and began machining our drive rails and drive shafts. Moving forward we move to finish construction. This includes finishing machining of aluminum tubing, mounting the drive chains in our drive rails and attaching our wheels. 


During the last week, we built a prototype using belts and pulleys to prove the success of our ideas. We were testing if it’s possible for our current design to funnel power cells through a tunnel while fitting among the shooter and the intake. Moving forward in the upcoming weeks, we hope we can start construction. 


So far, the climbing team has been able to further finalize design specifications. We have calculated the required gearing ratios and have created a materials list for the Climber’s construction. 

Before we can begin construction of the climbing mechanism, we first must assist in the index, shooter, and intake mechanisms in order to get finalized dimensions and designs. This will allow us to construct a climbing mechanism that will not interfere with the other ongoing parts of the robot.

Control Panel

We completed designing and manufacturing a prototype control panel spinner arm, completed a functioning control panel model (thanks Bud and Matteo!), moved on to the testing phase to spin the wheel, i.e. testing torque., and took over the indexing mechanism build, designed and manufactured indexing mechanism prototype.

Moving forward, we’d like to finalize the spinner arm design, with cooperation (measurements) of the drive base team and test the 10:1 gearbox ratio added to the spinner arm.

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