Week 1 Update

So far, we have had multiple productive meetings. On Monday and Tuesday at lunches (optional meetings for strategy), we were debating the point values of each of the four components of the game. It was decided that our team will be focusing on three essential components of FIRST Power Up; these include the climbing aspect, the switch (low goal) and the vault. The point breakdowns without power-ups taken into account are as follows:


Component Autonomous Period Tele-Operated Period End Game
Switch 2 + 2/sec 1 + 1/sec 1 + 1/sec
If all robots cross baseline and ownership is gained during auto, a ranking point is earned during qualification matches.
Scale (not our focus) 2 + 2/sec 1 + 1/sec 1 + 1/sec
Vault 5/power cube 5/power cube 5/power cube
Climbing N/A N/A 30/robot

At our first after school meeting from 3 to 6, we finalized what we were working on with the rest of the team. The programming team began to update software for the new season, the electrical team began to wire up a test board and the mechanical team began designing a power cube intake and a climber mechanism. 

(Wiring the test board; From top to bottom: Tyler O’Dell (top left), Cameron Orr (top right), Landon Vanderdool (bottom left)).






On Thursday’s after-school meeting, prototyping began for the intake and the climber with cardboard to test the mechanisms. Programming began to code for last year’s robot to make sure things are in order as we made a switch in programming languages from last season from LABview to Java.

(Climber mechanism; Left: Tasnim Reza, right: Corbin Garlough)


Check back next week for another update!

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