The first Saturday of January had finally arrived! The day of Kickoff, the day all students awaiting the new season have been looking for. The excitement in our rookie members’ eyes was evident! With First Power Up’s livestream and the release of the password to encrypted rules, 6323’s approach to the day ahead of them was to analyze the rules. As we did so, we also began to weigh our options, to see which of the game elements would be our main focus this season, which we agreed to be the climbing aspect of this year’s game. This would entail having the ability to grab onto the rung shown below in the diagram of the scale. There was banter back and forth between two parties who disagreed on whether to go for the low goal (switch) or high goal (scale).


It was settled by a majority voting for going for the switch as another major component of the game to be focused on throughout the season.


Stay tuned for another update real soon!

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