An AMAZING day for rookie Team 6323!  Winning SILVER in Oshawa in the ONT District for FRC!

This was the first event Hayden Robotics has ever participated in, and with the help of Team 772 Sabre Bytes and Team 2200 MMRambotics, our alliance went on to the finals!

At the start of day 1, we were ranked 10th! Our alliance scored the highest score in the entire competition of 365!

At the end of Day 1, we ended with the rank of 25! We won 4, lost 4 and tied 1!

At the start of day 2, we slowly climbed our ranks back up to rank 13, as we won every match. Following a loss from a rematch, we dropped in the ranks down to 25th.

Fortunately, MMRambotics choose us as their alliance in playoffs! 2 teams from Burlington Ontario! #TeamHalton!

After a win in Quarter Finals and a HUGE win against #4525, the #1 ranked team from Quals in semi-finals, Hayden Robotics made it to finals!  A big shoutout and thanks to 2200 MM Robinson and 772 Sabre Bytes for helping us with our robot and for choosing us as your alliance!  Hope we can be allies again!

An amazing turnout for Hayden Robotics– the rookie team!

Good luck to all teams!

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