Hayden Robotics @ YU!

We had a “blast” at the First Robotics Competition at York University.

Special thanks to all of those who came to watch our matches and all of our generous sponsors, who’ve made all of this possible.

With the McMaster Competition less than 2 weeks away, we are very eager to get back into the game.

But for the time being, back to work!

New Year!

Another year of Robotics has started! A whole lot of fresh new faces, as well as familiar ones. This year we have around 50 students participating in Hayden Robotics and we’re looking forward to the upcoming FIRST Robotics event: Deep Space. What challenges and obstacles will come our way as the clock ticks closer and closer to build season? Stay tuned for future blog posts.

Georgian College Week 1 Event!

Here are our results from our last competition!

Thank you to all our sponsors for making this eventful week happen!

Check out our instagram for more pictures!

See you at McMaster!

Week 1 Update

So far, we have had multiple productive meetings. On Monday and Tuesday at lunches (optional meetings for strategy), we were debating the point values of each of the four components of the game. It was decided that our team will be focusing on three essential components of FIRST Power Up; these include the climbing aspect, the switch (low goal) and the vault. The point breakdowns without power-ups taken into account are as follows:


Component Autonomous Period Tele-Operated Period End Game
Switch 2 + 2/sec 1 + 1/sec 1 + 1/sec
If all robots cross baseline and ownership is gained during auto, a ranking point is earned during qualification matches.
Scale (not our focus) 2 + 2/sec 1 + 1/sec 1 + 1/sec
Vault 5/power cube 5/power cube 5/power cube
Climbing N/A N/A 30/robot

At our first after school meeting from 3 to 6, we finalized what we were working on with the rest of the team. The programming team began to update software for the new season, the electrical team began to wire up a test board and the mechanical team began designing a power cube intake and a climber mechanism. 

(Wiring the test board; From top to bottom: Tyler O’Dell (top left), Cameron Orr (top right), Landon Vanderdool (bottom left)).






On Thursday’s after-school meeting, prototyping began for the intake and the climber with cardboard to test the mechanisms. Programming began to code for last year’s robot to make sure things are in order as we made a switch in programming languages from last season from LABview to Java.

(Climber mechanism; Left: Tasnim Reza, right: Corbin Garlough)


Check back next week for another update!


The first Saturday of January had finally arrived! The day of Kickoff, the day all students awaiting the new season have been looking for. The excitement in our rookie members’ eyes was evident! With First Power Up’s livestream and the release of the password to encrypted rules, 6323’s approach to the day ahead of them was to analyze the rules. As we did so, we also began to weigh our options, to see which of the game elements would be our main focus this season, which we agreed to be the climbing aspect of this year’s game. This would entail having the ability to grab onto the rung shown below in the diagram of the scale. There was banter back and forth between two parties who disagreed on whether to go for the low goal (switch) or high goal (scale).


It was settled by a majority voting for going for the switch as another major component of the game to be focused on throughout the season.


Stay tuned for another update real soon!


An AMAZING day for rookie Team 6323!  Winning SILVER in Oshawa in the ONT District for FRC!

This was the first event Hayden Robotics has ever participated in, and with the help of Team 772 Sabre Bytes and Team 2200 MMRambotics, our alliance went on to the finals!

At the start of day 1, we were ranked 10th! Our alliance scored the highest score in the entire competition of 365!

At the end of Day 1, we ended with the rank of 25! We won 4, lost 4 and tied 1!

At the start of day 2, we slowly climbed our ranks back up to rank 13, as we won every match. Following a loss from a rematch, we dropped in the ranks down to 25th.

Fortunately, MMRambotics choose us as their alliance in playoffs! 2 teams from Burlington Ontario! #TeamHalton!

After a win in Quarter Finals and a HUGE win against #4525, the #1 ranked team from Quals in semi-finals, Hayden Robotics made it to finals!  A big shoutout and thanks to 2200 MM Robinson and 772 Sabre Bytes for helping us with our robot and for choosing us as your alliance!  Hope we can be allies again!

An amazing turnout for Hayden Robotics– the rookie team!

Good luck to all teams!